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My Stuff Bag Stuffathon/Acceptance of 800 My Stuff Bags
On May 19, 2003, San Diego County Foster Parent Association President, Lorelle Cardenas, attended the MY STUFF Bag Stuffathon and accepted 800 MY STUFF Bags for San Diego County foster children (teen boy, teen girl, child boy and child girl).

The helpers (4 adults and 2 youth) collected the large plastic bags filled with 5 MY Stuff Bags per bag and placed them into trucks and vans, two of which had to make two trips. The bags were then taken to our office in El Cajon,  the bags are sorted by age and gender and placed on shelves in cabinets ready to be given out.

As the foster parent gets a new placement, they call and request one for their child, schedules a pick-up date and the foster parent comes to get it. A number of orders have already been filled more requests are coming in daily.

As soon as you get your NEW placement, please call (619)579-4900 to request a bag for your child.
Special Thanks go out to the Dr. Laura Schlessinger Foundation for reaching out to help the children
and allowing our association to be a part of this
great event  to help in giving our children something
to call their own
Dominic, Daniel and Cindy help load the van.
Cindy, Dr. Laura, Lorelle and Pam
met after the work was done.
After a long hard day of work the Girls are
still showing signs of energy. Way to go!
Volunteers Jud, Cindy, Pam and
Lorelle (hidden).
My Stuff Stuffathon Banners
Thank you so much to all who worked so hard
at getting the bags loaded and unloaded.
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